These are some of the pi​eces I have made for various shows and for personal enjoyment.

Skydiving Frogs

This was made to hang behind my stall at the Minster quilt show. The fabric was hand dyed using procion dyes. The kernel of the idea was inspired by Ricky Tims which I then built upon, using frogs, waterlillies and feather ferns. I custom quilted this and gave it a trapunto feel with subtle texture.

The Magical Isle

The Magical Isle was made for the Stitches and Stems Exhibition in Birchington in association with the Margate Flower Club. The brief was ‘East meets West’ or Sun Sea and Sand. As I walk the dogs along the cliff top most days I felt this was a great opportunity to show how wonderful our Kentish beaches and resorts are. I started by taking many photographs and then translated some of the ideas to sketches, this was then interpreted onto fabric. The fabric is hand dyed/painted/printed, embellished, manipulated and embroidered. The seahorse, jellyfish, octopus, shells and other creatures are created from sketches which were then interpreted onto the fabric and then appliqued. The whole design process was great fun to do although a steep learning curve.

The Garden Trophy

The Garden Trophy was made in answer to a colleague asking if I entered competitions. The Quilters Guild at Hever that year were asking for entries for The Hever challenge “In an English Country Garden”. With a background in flowers plants and gardens this seemed to be a terrific opportunity. I duly filled in the application form and sent it off. Then the panic set in, what could I do? I thought of the wonderful gardens up and down the country, the hedges, trees, plants and flowers all beautifully designed. When working for the fantastically talented Kenneth Turner we made various Trophies. Some were for interiors some for exteriors, some were for the garden. The idea to make a Trophy in fabric with garden implements was born. The fabric was rust dyed, pieced and free machined to give the effect of wood grain. This was then printed with hand made stamps of gargoyles, statuary, knot gardens and maze! I designed the trophy on paper first. The wheelbarrow, tools and implements were cut from Evalon appliqued and embroidered. This was bound with hessian to give a country feel. To great delight I was awarded the Challenge Cup that year.

Chard Jacket

The Chard Jacket was inspired by the gorgeous fabric from Kaffe Fasset. A quilt is for the bed and can’t be worn... I found a blouse pattern, adapted it to make a jacket, adding sleeves, collar and pockets. I then quilted the whole piece, then cut out the various shapes and bound them together - just like a quilt!

Fire and Water

Fire and Water was inspired by Ricky Timms marvellous Convergence designs. I used two very different colour batiks to create the main design, then appliqued the floating circles on top. The borders were then added and the whole was heavily machine embroidered to give texture and sparkle. Great fun!

Summer Ballooning

Summer Ballooning was made for my mother who loves Hot Air Ballooning! The different designs that appear on balloons are amazing... what if I team the balloon with a marguerite for the time of year and the views of the fields and flowers. The base fabric was layered with sheers to give definition and depth. The marguerite, balloon, basket, flowers landscape were embroidered by free machining. It now is framed and hangs on her wall to remind her of the wonderful trip.

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon was inspired by a trip to the wonders of colorado. The rocks and sky were the most fantastic colours and textures. I have tried to interpret this in fabric, bark, many different threads, ribbons and embroidery.

Bar Code meets Quick Reader

Originally this was made as a ‘what if’. Instead of bar codes in black and white which are on everything we buy these days, were coloured ... It was started with a white base and various vibrant colours added in varying width strips. Since the bar code technology we now have the quick readers which take it several steps further. These are squares with computer coding which can be scanned. I heavily embroidered squares on top of the bar code to give the illusion of them floating.

Felt Textures

The base for this is hessian which I embellished with felt before embroidering. Threads have then been couched. Fibres hooked through and embroidered.

Oast House View

Oast House View was created in response to a query for a landscape workshop using sheer fabrics. The local view is lovely whichever time of year. Again, photographs, sketches and artistic license. The main landscape is pieced, the sheers added to give subtle colour graduations, then embroidered with the Oast house, trees fence and other details. It was then embellished with extra threads and beads for texture and definition.

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